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Pool Relining and Resurfacing

Turn your pool into a brand new pool again with our renovation and relining options

Pool tiling

Replace loose and cracked tiles around your pool to get it back to new

Full Warranty

Full warranty that insures your pool will work perfectly for many years.

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Choose from a range of pool renovation services

Get your pool looking brand new and sparkly again with a full pool restoration. Choose from a range of pool renovation options:

Fill in the easy to use online form to speak to your local area agent. All the swimming pool professionals on our network have years of experience and successful pool restorations to show you.

Book your inspection today you will be surprised to see that it is more affordable than you think, much cheaper than putting in a new pool but you get the same result! Turn your pool back to brand new and start enjoying your pool again.

Marbelite and Gunite Pool Restoration

Find a trusted professional who can reline your pool’s marbelite lining or replace your current lining with a marbelite finish.

Marbelite is a beautiful and durable lining:

  • Marbelite pools can be customized to shape
  • Durable and don’t need to be resurfaced often
  • Should be recoated when it starts to chip, flake and look stained
  • Should only be applied by professionals
  • Is ideal for both residential and commercial swimming pools
For more info please visit our Marbelite Pool Surfacing page.

Fiberglass Pool Relining and Renovation

Connect with one of our pool experts to install or replace your fiberglass lining. 

Fiberglass is an excellent choice because it is:

  • Durable, long-lasting and high quality
  • Resistant to algae
  • Doesn’t need repainting
  • Low maintenance
  • Saves you money on chemicals
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Insulating and keeps water warmer

LED lighting

Thinking of switching your pool’s lighting to LED? Search for a swimming pool professional that can assist with this!

LED lighting has many benefits:

  • It uses less electricity
  • It is more durable and doesn’t have to be replaced as often
  • Creates a beautiful, luxurious and elegant effect 
  • Has a range of mood changing colours

Pool Resurfacing

When your swimming pool has frequent leaks and the surface appears cracked, blistered or discoloured, it might be time for pool resurfacing. 

Pool linings generally last for at least 10 years but need to be replaced when wear and tear is apparent. 

The resurfacing process takes around 4-5 days and you could be using your resurfaced pool within a week.

Contact one of our swimming pool service providers who can professionally resurface your pool in a Marbelite of Fiberglass finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my pool be repaired if it still contains water? 

Technically, yes. You could patch up an area but you will eventually need professional help as multiple patches could result in a leak. 

Can I have steps installed in my pool?

Yes, but it would need to be at the same time your pool lining is being replaced or resurfaced because it will involve draining most the water out or all of the water. 

What surface is better: Marbelite or Fiberglass?

It depends on what your requirements are. Fibreglass linings are normally cheaper and don’t need a liner. They are also easier to maintain. Although more expensive, Marbelite pools can be customized to shape, are much more durable and don’t need to be resurfaced as often.

Can I change the shape of my pool?

Yes, you can! Just bear in mind that the more you want the shape to change, the more it will cost. If your pool is fibreglass then you will need a completely new pool. Gunite and Concrete pools can be adapted from the existing.

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