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Is your pool looking worn and old? Get that brand new pool look back. Fibreglass relining, Gunite and Marbelite transformations.

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Has your pump stopped working or making strange noises? You can have your pump repaired or replaced same day.

New Pool Installations

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Losing water faster than usual? Your pool could have a leak. Book your leak detection to find out exactly what the problem is.

New Pool Builders in Bloemfontein

Are you thinking of installing a new family pool in your backyard? Then you already probably know there are 3 major options for in-ground pools.

All of the above are great options and each has its own advantages. Some of the main advantages of each:

Fibreglass Pools:

  • Quick Installation
  • Fewer Chemicals needed than concrete and gunite pools
  • No Liner Replacements or Resurfacing required 

Concrete Gunite Pools:

  • Smaller initial investment than a same size fibreglass pool
  • Can be customized to fit your backyard and compliment your house
  • Can be built to your needs including custom steps, shallow area for small kids and tanning ledges

Vinyl Lined Pools:

  • Fewer Chemicals needed than concrete and gunite pools
  • Smaller initial investment than a same size fibreglass pool
  • Vinyl pool has a smooth surface and is non-abrasive

All of the above pools are excellent choices and no matter what type of pool you are looking to install a swimming pools pros partner can construct your dream pool. Contact Swimming Pool Pros today and we will connect with a vetted Pool Builder in Bloemfontein.

Fibreglass Pool Installers in Bloemfontein

Fibreglass pools are more popular than ever before. This is no fluke with the many advantages that fibreglass pools offer. 


  • Quick and easy installation – The prefabricated shells are installed as a single unit. As a result, there is no waiting for surfaces to dry etc.
  • Durable and Long Lasting – Pools made with fibreglass are more durable, enduring, and unlikely to sustain damage. Despite the fact that vinyl pools also have many benefits, fibreglass pools are just less likely to be punctured. As a result, there is a decreased risk of damage, which lowers overall pool care costs.
  • Low Maintenance and Fewer Chemicals – Fiberglass swimming pools are recognised for requiring little maintenance. That’s in part because fibreglass pools provide smooth, non-porous surfaces thus using fewer chemicals. Additionally, the smooth surfaces make it hard for algae to grow compared to traditional pools
  • No resurfacing or new liners – Fiberglass pools don’t need to be resurfaced or have their liners replaced. After several years of service, a simple coat of paint will be all it needs.
  • Lower lifetime cost – Gunite and Vinyl Lined pools cost less upfront than Fibreglass pools. But when you include in the lower maintenance needs and other benefits, fibreglass pools actually end up being less expensive to own in the long run.


These are just some of the advantages of a Fiberglass pool. If you are thinking of installing a new Fiberglass Pool please visit our Fibreglass Pool Installers page or complete our online form for an obligation-free quote from a vetted Fibreglass pool installer in Bloemfontein 


Concrete Gunite Pool Installers in Bloemfontein

Concrete Gunite Pools have been around since the second world war and even today they are very popular for many reasons.


    • Customs Designs, Shapes – One of the main reasons for opting for a Gunite or concrete pool is that the pool can be customized to suit your needs and backyard. 
    • Choose the Pool finish – Concrete pools allows for many different finishes allowing you to get just the look you want. You can change the colour and add some mosaic or tile accents if you like.
  • Built to last – Granite pools often have the longest warranties and last a very long period. Gunite pools can last for decades if properly maintained. Many gunite swimming pools older than 50 years old are still in use today.
  • Robust and Hardwearing – In contrast to vinyl and fibreglass pools, which are more easily punctured, gunite pools are not only made to last for many years, but they are also incredibly tough. Due to their impact resistance and lack of a liner, gunite pools are used in commercial settings where vandalism is a concern.
  • Flexibility for additional amenities – Because Gunite Pools are custom-made, adding extras like underwater lighting, chairs, tanning ledges, and water features into the design is simple.


If you are interested in installing a Concrete Gunite Pool Please visit our Concrete Gunite Pool Installers page or complete our online form and we will connect you with a leading Concrete Gunite Pool Installer in Bloemfontein for an obligation-free quote.

Vinyl Pool Installers in Bloemfontein

Vinyl Lined Pools are a great option for your family Pool and their popularity is increasing in South Africa as of late. Vinyl Lined Pools have many advantages when compared to other pools.


    • Smaller initial investment – Vinyl-Lined Pools are the Pools with the smallest initial investment
    • Quick and Easy Installation – Are quick to install compared to traditional pools.
    • They use fewer chemicals – Because the liner is nonporous and does not absorb chemicals, Vinyl-Lined Pools require less chemical maintenance than traditional pools.  Algae also have a hard time sticking to pool walls making them easy to clean
  • Vinyl Lined Pools are Durable – Vinyl Lined Pools are sometimes considered high maintenance because they need vinyl replacement but a properly maintained Pool Liner will lat more than 10 years
  • Vinyl Lined Pools are Non-Abrasive – Since the liners are not abrasive, vinyl-lined swimming pools are highly comfortable.


If you are interested in installing a Vinyl Lined Pool at your Home, contact Swimming Pools Pros today by completing our online form and we will connect you with a leading Vinyl Pool Installer in Bloemfontein or for more info read our Vinyl Lined Pool Installers page for additional info.

Why choose a Swimming Pools Pros partner when installing your new swimming pool?

It is often difficult to find a reputable Pool Company for your new Pool Installation or Repairs. Swimming Pool Pros has vetted leading Pool Companies across South Africa to join our Network of partners. Some of the advantages of working with one of our partners are:

  • Customer satisfaction is the no1 priority
  • Custom designs, making your dreams a reality
  • Experience pool builders with many years of experience
  • Great warranties giving you peace of mind
  • Awesome post-sale service and advice on how to maintain your pool correctly
  • Competitively priced while not sacrificing on quality

These are just some of the advantages of working with a Swimming Pools Pros partner.


How much does it cost to install a new swimming pool?

There are 3 common Pool types avail in South Africa:

Let take a look at there respectable prices.

Fiberglass Pools – Fibreglass Pools have the highest initial installation cost compared to other types of pools. But where Fiberglass Pools shine is in the cost of maintenance being a lot less expensive than the other pools to maintain. A Fiberglass Pool installation can cost from R90000.00 – R150000+ depending on the size, design, and location of the pool installation.

Gunite Pools –The average price of a new Gunite Swimming Pool ranges from R90 000 to R130 000+, depending on the design, shape, size, and features added to the Pool. 

Vinyl Pools – Vinyl Pools have the lowest investment compared to the other built-in pool options. A Vinyl Lined Pool installation can cost from R70000.00 – R120000+ depending on the size, design, and location of the pool installation

For more info on swimming pool prices please visit our Swimming Pool Pricing Page or Contact us today for an Obligation Free Quote from a leading Pool Company in your area.


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