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Pool Leak Detection Port Elizabeth 

Swimming pool leaks can cost you a lot of money in wasted water. Find an expert that can detect your leak, repair it and get it functioning properly again.

Your swimming pool leak could have various causes and a pool expert can quickly and expertly diagnose the problem. It could be that your pool water is evaporating or it is leaking from a certain area. 

Electronic pool leak detection.

Browse our selection of swimming pool professionals to find a company that offers electronic leak detection services. They can:

  • Provide fast and accurate results in 1 visit
  • Electronically detect your leak with no digging or trenching
  • Take the guesswork out of a physical assessment
  • Help reduce your water bill, and
  • Provide a cost-effective service

Is your pool’s water level dropping faster than normal or perhaps it seems like the ground is always moist around your pool? Connect with a pool leak detection specialist in Port Elizabeth.

Pool Resurfacing

When your swimming pool has frequent leaks and the surface appears cracked, blistered or discoloured, it might be time for pool resurfacing. 

Pool linings generally last for at least 10 years but need to be replaced when wear and tear is apparent. 

The resurfacing process takes around 4-5 days and you could be using your resurfaced pool within a week.

Contact one of our swimming pool service providers who can professionally resurface your pool in a Marbelite of Fiberglass finish.

Pool Pump Repair Port Elizabeth 

Pool pumps are notoriously difficult to repair by yourself. Avoid that frustrating and time-consuming experience and find a reputable professional on this platform.

Your pool pump may need expert help if:

  • It is not turning on or switches off quickly 
  • It is making a strange, grinding noise
  • It doesn’t seem to be working effectively

Your malfunctioning pool pump could be due to a faulty electrical connection, a loose connection, overloaded voltage or a broken capacitor. These are usually easy an inexpensive to fix so get in touch today!


How long does a pool pump last?

Your pool pump should last between 8 and 10 years. Contact one of our swimming pool experts if you think yours might need replacing. 

Can my pool be repaired if it still contains water? 

Technically, yes. You could patch up an area but you will eventually need professional help as multiple patches could result in a leak. For an obligation-free quotation, complete the online form.

Can I replace my pool pump by myself? 

It is not advisable to replace your pump by yourself as it’s more difficult than it seems. It involves complex electrical and plumbing connections and a sound knowledge of pool pumps. Why not entrust the job to a pool expert from our list of pool professionals and get the job done correctly the first time?

How do I know if my pool pump needs to be repaired or replaced? 

Generally, if it is making a grinding or unfamiliar sound, you need to get it checked out as your bearings might be worn down. Alternatively, it could be leaking water which is an unnecessary cost. Rather be safe than sorry and find a pool pump expert from our platform of industry professionals.

When do I need to replace my pool pump?

A pool pump usually lasts between 8 to 10 years. If you hear any concerning sounds or it doesn’t seem to be working well, contact a professional immediately as more damage could occur if it is not repaired. A reputable swimming pool company on this platform could assist you with this.

Why does my swimming pool lose so much water?

Even in the rainy season, your pool can still lose a lot of water every week. Factors like the sun, heat, wind and even humidity can cause this. It could also be because of a leak. Make sure that your pool levels do not get too low as this could damage your pump. It could be that you might need a pool cover: contact us and one of our pool companies will contact you for a consultation and a quote. 

How often must I replace the sand in my sand filter? 

Generally speaking, this should be done every 3 to 5 years, depending on your filter brand. 

How can I tell if my pool is losing water due to evaporation or a leak?

A pool loses more water to evaporation in windy or humid areas. If the water loss is new and you can’t find a reasonable explanation for it, you could have a leak.

Isn’t there a lot of maintenance associated with having a pool? 

As long as you use chlorine appropriately and use a pool net to remove leaves and other debris, it only takes about half an hour a week to maintain your pool

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