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Keep a perfect pool all year

Weekly maintenance plans

Have your pool cleaned and maintained weekly to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

Repairs and inspections

Our agents will inspect and repair problems as they arise before they get serious.

Trusted and Vetted

All our agents are vetted, trustworthy and have verified referrals.

Expert Pool Cleaning

Regular pool cleaning and chemical balancing is essential if you want to enjoy a clean and healthy swimming pool. Contact us today to get assistance with:

  • Pool maintenance
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Rebalancing of chemicals
  • Supply of new pool equipment
  • Pool servicing

Why you need regular Pool Maintenance

Having a swimming pool requires maintenance and upkeep. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, one of our trusted swimming pool professionals will assist you.

A poorly maintained swimming pool is unhealthy and could also lead to serious problems in the long run.

Prices are lower than you think so save yourself the hassle and get a professional to maintain your pool

What you get from weekly pool cleaning

Your swimming pool needs a few hours of cleaning every week to stay sparkling clean. 

Some of the pool maintenance services include:

Pool Chemical Analysis and Rebalancing

Swimming pools must have the correct pH levels at all times to keep the water healthy and prevent it from turning green. Getting the right balance of chemicals in your pool is more difficult than it sounds and takes experience to get it just right.

Regular Testing and analysing the pH balance of your pool water is included.

Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming pool equipment sadly doesn’t last forever. Your pool cover, skimmer, filter, pipes and baskets will eventually need replacing.

During your service, you will have regular inspections and be informed when equipment needs replacing or servicing. 

Any equipment you need to be replaced or serviced will be handled by your pool cleaning agent. 

Seasonal Full Pool Servicing

If your pool’s condition is out of hand and you need to get it back in shape our agents can assist you. Your pool should have a service every year to keep it operating at its best. 

Your servicing will include the following:

  • Testing your pool’s pH levels
  • Treating your pool with chemicals to prevent bacteria and algae growth
  • Inspection of all pool equipment (filters, pipes, weir, etc)
  • Replacement of broken pool parts
  • Deep pool cleaning, vacuuming and brushing

Your pool will then be ready for another season of enjoyable use!

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